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This is a show for anyone who cares about using digital approaches in the public sector to deliver better outcomes. We explore stories from around the world, where public servants have been successful at driving change. We meet the people behind the stories, to hear their first-hand experiences and lessons learned. Throughout the series we discuss technology and trends, as well as the cultural aspects of making change happen.  

Host Olivia Neal is passionate about the use of digital approaches to help the public sector work better for those it serves. She is the Director of Digital Transformation in Microsoft’s Worldwide Public Sector Team where she has the privilege of working with teams from all around the world. Before joining Microsoft, Olivia spent her career in the Government of Canada and the UK Government, including at the UK’s Government Digital Service.  

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Jul 22, 2021

In this episode we speak with Mohammad Almadani, CEO & Co-Founder of Classera, Microsoft’s Education Partner of the Year. Classera was recognized for their work empowering schools through the pandemic. Almadani was driven to develop smart learning solutions focusing on AI, gamification, and social learning. We discuss the growth of remote learning, how it supported education in conflict environments, how countries with limited infrastructures embraced this approach, and his vision for the future of education.

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